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 The end

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PostSubject: The end   The end Icon_minitimeWed Aug 08, 2007 12:52 pm

I wrote this story about an old character I had.
Yes in a former life I was an orc hunter on the earthren Ring Realm (shhh, don't tell anyone.)

I somehow never had the feeling the story ended well for her. This is the end. Eriska is a character I played a long time and I hope this is a suited end for her.
I hope you enjoy. Any feedback is welcome.

The plains of Durotar are harsh and barren. A sandstorm has been sweeping around the lands for days now. Fine red sand creeps everywhere. In your clothes, in the tent, yes even in your food…

A lone orc wanders on a timber wolf. She is headed to Orgrimmar in the north. A white lion by her side. The lion tries to keep his head under the wind, but sneezes every now and than when the sand fills up his nose. The orc looks aside and tosses a piece of dried meat to the lion. She takes out a field bottle and tries to squeeze out the last drops of water. Than she commands the wolf and lion to go onwards.

Even in this weather she seems impressive. Mail armour covers her body and 2 sharp daggers hang from her belt. A large polarm is bound to the side of the wolf, point faintly glowing of Arcane powers. Her face is covered up with a mail colf. Shadows covering half her face. 2 small tusks peek out from her lips and give her smile a more grinning expression.

At the gates of Orgrimmar one of the guards looks at her suspicious. “State your business.” He grumbles. “visiting an old friend” she ushers. The grunt nods at her daggers. “Keep your nose clean in this city. We don’t like troublemakers.” “Zug zug.” And she moves on.

Orgrimmar is hidden within several canyons and it seems the city has been spared by the sandstorm outside. On the nearby rooftop she notices a troll hunter. He is squatted down and a spear is loosely balanced on his knees. His face painted in war colours.

She makes her way trough the valley of strength. An undead bumps up against her wolf. “Sssory Misss, I didn’t see you there” he lisps a bit because of his decaying tongue. The white lions growls and leaps forward to the undead. “Hand it over..” the orc sticks out her hand toward the undead. “Now!” she raises her voice a bit and the lion growls again. Reluctantly the undead hands over the leather coin purse. “Go find a real job or just die already” She sniffs in the air but starts coughing when the rotting stench of decay reaches her nostrils. By the gods…

Onwards to the drag. Perhaps she still runs her old route of errands. It has been ages since she last seen her. When she was last here. When…

The wolf tamely walks into the shadows of the drag. Perhaps, there in front. The orc kicks the wolf in the sides and it burst out in a trot.

“Felika?” the orc in front of her turns around. She gasps. “Erry, you came back!” Eriska jumps of the wolf and hugs her old friend. Felika’s eyes well up with tears. “I’ve been praying everyday for your safe return. Ohh Erry, why?” Eriska looks at the ground in front of her “You know I had no choice.” Felika looks up to her friend. “yes, you had, and you still have”

They enter the small little hut. It’s perched against one of the walls of the drag, but inside it’s nice and cosy. “You remember Zork?” Eriska nods. The male orc was sitting in the centre of the room with some scraps of leather by his side. “We got married last fall” Felika smiles gently at her mate.
Eriska looks around curious “where is she?” Felika points to the back. She’s asleep now. Eriska walks over to the small alcove and pushes aside the curtain. In the cradle a small child sleeps. Maybe 1 year and a few months. Not older. Eriska takes the small doll out of the cradle. “What is this?” “The troll from next door keeps an eye on her when we’re both outdoor.” Eriska frowns. “I don’t want her to grow up with those hoodoo tricks” She tosses the small doll aside.
“I don’t want her to grow up without parents, Eris…” Felika peers at her friend. “She already lost her father. What should I tell her if you don’t return?”

Eriska growls. “Don’t talk about him.” “You can’t keep forever silent about your grief!” Felika yelled. This is consuming you and condemning her. Eriska sniffs “She was condemned before she was born. What future can we have here?” Felika looked aggrieved. “I build up a future, just as Zork did… Times change Eris, you can’t stop that.”

Eris opens one of her backpacks and takes out a small beaded necklace. Carefully she hangs it around the cradle. “A tauren crone gave me that. Much better that voodoo dolls” A tabard rolled out of the backpack. Felika picked it up and looked at it.

“Eris this a warsong tabard. Where did you get it?” Eris looks at the tabard. “In the gulch for slaying elfs.” Felika frowns. “you’re a frostwolf, just like Reth was, don’t deny your heritage.” Eriska’s eyes turned reddish. “Don’t mention his name.” Then she burst out crying and falls into Felika’s arms. “It’s soo hard fy… I see him everywhere… every elf I see is his murderer” She chokes on the words. “There, there Eris. You can’t keep going at this.” “I owed him my life. And he died protecting me.” She mutters.
“Eris, it has been over a year. You must let him go. Marizka is counting on you.”

The evening has fallen over Orgrimmar. Everywhere big bonfires light up the city. In the small hut in the drag a small fire is burning. Eriska tosses and turns but she can’t fall asleep. She turns around and stares into the flames. One hour maybe 2 passed like this. She can hear the breaths of Felika and Zork in the room above her. Slowly she gets up and walks towards the cradle. The little girl was still asleep. Her small chest slowly rising and falling. Suddenly she opens her eyes and looks around. When she sees Eriska she start to smile. “Eriska smiles back and slowly touches the cheek of the baby girl. The girl giggles. Eriska takes the beads from the cradle and puts them in the little hand of the child. Small fingers graps the beads.
“Farewell little one.”

In the middle of the night a lone wolf rides out of the drag. An orc in full armor slowly makes her way to the gates. The bonfires have grown dim. One of the grunts looks up at her. She slowly nods a greeting an disappears into the night….


The Barrens. They made it out of Durotar and were now heading towards the crossroads. Eriska was seated on a timber wolf. The mail battle gear was replaced by a some silk threaded trousers and a white swashbuckler shirt. Eriska’s long hair was neatly tucked underneath a Russet hat.
“Are we there yet?”
A small head peeked out from behind her back.
“Patience Marizka, almost.” Eriska pointed to the hills in front of her. “Over there.”
“Will you tell me about him?” Eriska slowly smiles at her daughter, small tusks flickering in her mouth. “Of course I will. He was a great warrior and an amazing orc.”
“Do I look like him?” Eriska smiled benevolently. “You have his smile, yes.”
Marizka looked content. “I want to be just like him. A great hunter and a great beastmaster.”
Eriska nodded. Well I’ll have to learn you how to tame an animal soon.”
“How about one of those?” marizka pointed to a giraffe.
Eriska followed her gaze and laughed, the sound carrying far. “Those cannot be tamed dear.”
Marizka looked with an eager smile. “I can try. Perhaps I will tame one.”
Eriska grinned again to her daughter. “Who knows”
The girl looked content and continued to play with one of her braids.
“Where are we going?”
Eriska sighed. She has told this more than a thousand times since they left Orgrimmar. Still she decided to play along.
“We’re going to the shrine of the fallen warrior.” “That’s where they buried daddy?”
“Yes dear.”
“And than?”
“We’ll continue to the crossroads and than to camp Taurajo. We’ll head west and into Mulgore.”
“Is that where the Tauren live?”
“Yes Mari, big noble Tauren.”
The little girl smiled. “And than?”
“We’ll stay there for a while. I’ll teach you how to tame a tiger.”
Marizka’s eyes filled with anticipation. “Really?”
Eriska nodded. “Really.”
“And than?”
Eriska looked into the distance.
“We can go to the thousand needles and visit the freewind post. And we’ll go to the racetracks in the Shimmering flats. After that we’ll go to Gadgetzan and at the Steamwheedle port we’ll take a boat to the Undermine.”
“And than?”
Eriska sighed. “I don’t know honey. Maybe we’ll go to Booty Bay or the base camp in Stranglethorn vale, I’ll teach you how to fish.”
Marizka cheered.
“Hold on tight now. We’ll have to hurry up a bit of we won’t to get there before sunset.”
Marizka tightened her grip around her mothers waist. “Ready!”
Eriska grinned and kicked the wolf in it sides. The wolf jumped forward and started a slow run towards the hills.

Well here it is. Let me know what you think
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PostSubject: Re: The end   The end Icon_minitimeWed Aug 08, 2007 11:42 pm

So tuchy Sad
It is realy realy good Hun, I love it so much Surprised
And I have been putting name to your child, and you even call her Mari Surprised

Love it, love it!
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The end
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