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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeSun Jun 17, 2007 11:58 am

I don't want to make up too much rules since we want to keep it fun...
Keep following points in mind

This is an RP-guild:
* your name has to be an rp name (Cartmanhehe and kennyhehe aren't rp names)
* No bracket talk, just use the proper channels
* We do not invite vampires, half-demons, self invented races into the guild
* We try to follow the Blizzard lore

Common behavior:
* We don't grief
* We don't corpse camp (If you choose to kill a horde, fine by me, but do it the honorable way)
* We don't use illegal 3rd party programs, those that are caught botting will be banned permanently
* We encourage RP, yet when you go into an rp fight, keep it clean and impersonal. (if needed /w the person you're just rp-ing, we don't want to ruin other people's experience)
* When another gamer has grieved you or treated you in an improper way you can always contact us and we'll try to settle matters with the guild at hand.

Basically show some common sense and adult attitude and you'll be fine.

One more point on the medium, heavy rp status:

We are heavy rp in the sense we keep channels separate, we hold events, we follow lore, etc.

We are however not elitists. When someone is new to RP we should encourage them and point out mistakes they make. Correct them on bracket talk, lol, leet talk, smily’s if necessary. We don't kick people for those reasons.
When we do feel that a person is deliberately trying to ruin other peoples RP experience, they will be banned.
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