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There are several ranks within the Tears of Elune Guild.

A member can be promoted to a higher rank when he deserves it, however repeated bad conduct or neglecting of the rules can result into a demotion or even an excommunication


Guild Master I: Syrah

Guild Master II: Marizka

The watchers are representatives of each race. They will watch over the members of there own race. Watchers will intervene in conflicts within the guild or with an outside person. The watcher is expected to use his good judgment and not choose sides in a conflict. He can demote a member of the guild if he finds in necessary and he his allowed to excommunicate members when needed. A watcher should not take advantage of his powers. If a watcher does abuse his powers, proper measurements will be taken by the guild leaders.

These are the respected members of the Guild. They have been with us a long time and have earned respect and gratitude of the guild. When one chooses to become an Ancient he will have to sign petition with both Guild Masters. His application will be considered. After a trial he will be elevated in the ranks of the ancients. An ancients deserves your respect and you should listen to his advice. An ancient should be patient with newcomers and willing to help.

The Sentinels are the members of Tears of Elune. They have passed a rite of initiation and are considered true members of the guild. Being a Sentinel comes with responsibilities. You will have to have a proper conduct and represent your guild in all outside matters.

This is the lowest rank in the guild. When you first join Tears of Elune you will gain the rank of initiate. Member who are initiates are awaiting there initiation or choose not to be a Sentinel of Tears of Elune.


You have read the Guild Rules and want to gain a rank.

The promotion from Initiate to Sentinel is given in a ritual in The Temple of the Moon in Darnassus. When you are a member of Tears of Elune for a while (i.e. a few days) you will get an invitation to complete your initiation.
The ritual is led by Syrah or Marizka. One Leader is sufficient to complete the ritual. The presence of both is preferred.

The promotion from Sentinel to Ancient is a great honour. The ancients are the most respected members of the guild. When one chooses to become an Ancient he will have to sign a formal petition with both Guild leaders. His application will be considered by both leaders. When approved the Sentinel will be sent on a quest. On completion of this quest he will be promoted to ancient.

REMEMBER: Being an Ancient comes with responsibilities. You will be asked to escort lower levels.

Watchers are the representatives of their race. In principle there is one representative for each race (A total of 5 watchers).
When the guild expands we can choose to have several watchers for each race however. Being a Watcher is a big responsibility and should not be taken lightly. Improper conduct of a Watcher will be punished more severe than a Sentinel.
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