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 the gnome trap

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PostSubject: the gnome trap   the gnome trap Icon_minitimeWed Jun 20, 2007 10:05 am

I wrote this when I was bored. Little light-hearted story situated in the North of Stranglethorn Vale

Pfff, it's hot here... Never been in this part of the world before.
It's pretty nice here, if it wasn't for those damned trolls all over the place. They must be growing on trees here. I have no other explanation...

Sushi growls. Are you hungry girl? I check my backpack. Oh no, I'm out of dried meat. I gave her the last piece when we entered the rebel camp and I forgot to buy new supplies... Booty Bay is still miles ahead and somehow I don't think I'll be welcome in the orc's base camp. Fishing? Hmm I have no lure with me. It will take me ages to catch a fish in these waters…

Than I suddenly remember. That nice dwarven lady in Stormwind showed me how to make a new trap. Perhaps I can catch something for Sushi. A rabbit or maybe a little boar? Whatever can be found in these woods. I look into my bag again and pull out a piece of string. Ok, so how was it again? You tie a knot like this and than you put that end here… Attach it there… Hmm, doesn’t quite look like the dwarf showed me. Ah well it’s not to catch an orc, a little animal will do. I cover up the trap and hide in some nearby bushes. Sushi growls again… Shh girl or you can go and find something yourself.

I wait, and I wait… Suddenly I hear something in the bushes… Must be about 50 pounds heavy… bipedal I believe… Perhaps a small raptor strayed too far from it’s nest. I grin at Sushi… Dinner’s almost here girl… I hear it come closer. Just another few feets lill one. Just a little bit further.

The trap springs. I jump up triumphantly… By the Gods….
“you filthy longears! get me down this instant….” I have to hide a grin. I trapped a gnome. He’s hanging by one feet on the tree I used for my trap. I turn my head sideways to have a better look. Funky little fellah. He’s got a full grown beard and a stubborn moustache. 2 small plucks of hair peek from behind his ears.

“Stop staring at me and get me out of here”. I want to stay serious, but… but… I start to laugh. He’s getting furious and kicks his free feet in the air. Small sparks leave his body. Must be a fire mage. “You’ll be very sorry if you don’t get me down! Now! Get me out of this wretched trap.”
I approach him with my skinning knife and he falls silent. His eyes filled with fear. “No, I’m an ally, we’re all on the same side. Don’t do that. The council will never stand for it.” I grin at him again. “You’ll be very sorry!”
I cut him loose. He falls a few feet down, right on his bum. He looks up at me the most icy eyes I’ve ever seen. I feel a small shiver running down my spine. Maybe a frost mage after all.

He knocks the dust of his robe and picks of his stave. “You shouldn’t be putting up random traps like that, longears. I will make sure our council hears of this.” He looked up at me again with those angry little eyes. I smirk at him, turn to Sushi and nod into the gnomes direction. Sushi jumps forward just an inch away from the little mage. She growls menacingly. “Well, perhaps. I think we can keep this to ourselves.” I smile, make a soothing noice and Sushi backs down.
The gnome picks up his backpack, ready to leave. “Just this once.”

I giggle when he leaves. They’ll never believe this when I tell them in the guild. Sometimes it’s nice to be a hunter and let your pet talk for you.
Come on Sushi. Let’s try to catch some fish…
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the gnome trap
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