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 The RP-Story contest

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PostSubject: The RP-Story contest   Wed Jun 20, 2007 12:49 am

Since I didn't really know of I had to put it in OOC or IC...

Get some blank parchment and inkt at the engineers supplier and get those imaginations running....

We will be organising an RP-story contest.
Tell us your tale. Put that story that's been haunting your brain forever down on paper and perhaps cash in on it.

There is a price. The one who wins the contest will get 100G.

I will be the only gudge together with an outsider (who I will bring in just for this)

Some rules:

* The contest ends on 21/07/06. A story not handed in before midnight the 10th will not be judged.
* No plagiarism. The second judge will be someone with knowledge of the rp books and the stories posted on the wow-forums. DO NOT copy paste.
* The story has to take place within the WOW universe.
* You can portray either faction and there is no time limit (You can write a horde story or a story that took place 10000 years ago.
* there are no lenght limits (But consider writing more than one page and less than a novel)

You will be judged on:

* Originality (You can use a famous person, but do it in an original way)
* Story telling (How well is the story told)
* Grammar (Some decent english is prefered. Use a spelling program or ask someone to review it before posting)

OK: let those first entries flow in.

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Drília / Marizka
Drília / Marizka

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PostSubject: Re: The RP-Story contest   Mon Jun 25, 2007 12:33 pm

This is a story about the Ungart Clan, it is a dwarf clan me and my brother have been working on, both for P&P roleplay, and live roleplay. And now we also make a story that we hope fit into WoW.
Here it goes:

I walk down the lost halls of my clan, the Ungart clan. I come here a lot because I like to remember the place as it was before the orcs came with their demons. I don't know why I always end op in one place. The place that ended my clan, and started my life....
Here is my story...

It was in the dark ages, long before the death of the High King of the Dwarves, Modimus Anvilmar. My clan was a noble clan. All where warriors and we where always the first to show up when danger was coming towards us or our allies. All know that they always could count on the Ungarts, I still wonder where what happened to all of this.

In my old body, I was out in the field when I saw them. I was trying to catch some rams for a cavalry. Didn’t get any that day. Not because I didn’t catch any, because I did, it was because something hit me in the back. The last thing I saw before my eyes closed were green feet.
I don't know how long I was lying there on the ground, but when I rose I got a club in my neck. That did hurt a lot, I turned around and saw the orcs. They have left five to guard me, only five, I was hurt, I can easily take down five orcs alone, and so I did, the battle was short but bloody. I looked around, and to my horror I saw smoke and flames coming from our Clan hall. I ran as fast I could, killing orcs and trolls on the way. I took the secret passage that would take me right to the Clan Kings Hall. As I move aside the stone I saw demons, the orcs that attacked us that day were not just wild orcs, they were Warlocks. I ran off into the first demon, couth it unguarded and killed it. I then turned towards what was looking like the orc leader. I still remember what I saw. In his hand he held the dieing body of Mario Unger, my clan king. I also remember his last words before the orc took away his last breath, "Show them the strength of the Ungart Barrend". In my blind rage I charged forward, hacking and slashing I don't know how many orcs, trolls and demons, I was like a hell unleashed. When I finally reached their leader he just smiled to me, and then that demon hit me. I could feel how all of my bones broke inside of me when I hit the wall, in the seconds I was flying through the room, I was thinking, "Is this the end", I was right and wrong.
When I came to my self I rise once again, half walking, half crawling, I got out of the Kings Hall, I first saw that the warlocks have turn my friends, my family, my clan into stone. I cry out to the gods, cry out to the clan spirits, and they all answer me. I could feel how there strength was growing inside me, I was reborn, not as Barrend Ungart, but as all of the Ungarts in one, I was the Ungarts.
Five years I walked upon our world, tracking down those who once killed my clan, I got to them, down in the Blasted Lands, they where trying to open the portal, they saw me quickly. There leader came forth, he did know our tongue. "What do a dwarf do here", I did not answer. He asked again, I was silence as the grave, he then summoned his strongest demon and send it at me, I killed it like a bug. With fear in his eyes he asked me, "Who are you", this time I did answer, "My now dead clan king said once, alone we are rocks, but united we stand whit the strength of a mountain", I looked down upon him as I continued, "In my right hand I have the clan axe, the full rage of all the Ungarts you killed that day over five years ago", I then pointed my axe at him, "In my left I have then clan shield, protector of our honour", I took forth the shield, it had the clan mark on it. "In my back I have the now dead Ungart clan", the lost spirits stood behind me, all off them, even my king, "I say you this. I am no mere rock. I am no mere mountain", his eyes was now glowing with fear. with rage I shout out, "I am the very earth you stand upon. You dig deep to hurt me, I do not feel it. You walk upon me, I do not feel it. You fight against me, I do not feel it. I am the rage of the Ungarts incarnated, and I am here for our revenge", I then charge down the hill shouting one thing, "For Ungart, for Moradin, for revenge".
The battle was long, I got a lot of hits, fell down many time, just to rise again with even more power. Orcs fall before my blade, trolls crushed like bugs. Demons cripple like they were northing. I was unstoppable. In my blood rage I saw their leader, trying to open the portal, I run towards him, he was nothing, weak, one slash and he was split in two. The demons fall apart, trolls and orcs running in fear. I turn towards the half open portal, says a prayer to my god. I hold the axe high, the shield in my front. I could feel that all of the gods were trying to close the portal, I was there carriage. Lighting was escaping out of the closing portal, the shield guarded me from all, last there was a explosion, the gate was closed once again.

I now walk the world of Azeroth. Always end op in the clan halls. I have not touch anything in here. I have died many times and always I come back into a new body, with time I remembered my history.
Why am I talking with my self...I always do that when the time to reborn comes...". The dwarf fall down on the floor, dead.

Five days after the dead of Barrend Ungart a new dwarf is born, he is named Barrend. Now happy, but later he will learn his history, and will train as a Warrior to uphold the Ungard honour...

From Marizka and Barrend Ungart

Coment from Barrend:
"If this win, just send to Marizka, don't need the money"
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Valern Whisper-mist.

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PostSubject: Re: The RP-Story contest   Tue Jun 26, 2007 9:42 am

The blade swung cleanly, spraying a crimson fountain into the blood as he waded further into the enemies, this was his life and his purpose.

'Solander Whisper-mist, you are hearby awarded the rank and privalge of Commander.' Only briefly did he look up to meet eyes with the Elf in front of him dressed in his finest robes and other trappings of nobility, The briefest flash of disgust and pity crossed over Sol's eyes, the warrior stood still covered in mud and blood from the earlier battles he looked completely out of place and he really didn't care. The Magister looked slightly shocked as the mail clad male stood and walked calmly and silently out the grand hall. He wasn't sure he should applaud his new commander or get him dragged back for disrespect

So many years had passed, so many battles some physical and some mental but it was always the same. Sol would protect, he would fight and he would win no matter what it took to make sure those he served stayed safe.

These humans, he wasn't sure who they where aligned with the only sign he could see of group unity was the same red face cloth, where just an annoyance,cutting through them like paper. Why they had chosen to attack the carvan he would never know or did he really care.

He had never seen so many undead, like a wave of rotting flesh and bone they smashed into the first wall,his voice raised as he shouted to the rangers to get their asses into gear, the sky lighting up with arrows of flame and magic the deadly rain cascading onto the Scourge below. It wouldn't be enough, he knew this but he had to buy time for the mages to do their work. The feeling of dread and fear was almost tangable, with another shout he turned and headed to the second wall, another attempt to slow down the undead, he could only hope that he would see his race alive at the end of this.

It wasn't until he felt the sting of flame against his back that he turned to look properly at the woman that had stayed at the rear of the attackers, she was young for a human probably just out her late teens possibly early twenties but the arcane energy was coursing through her marking her as a mage of some power. With a crack of his neck he smirked and motioned for her to attack again. The tell tale signs of her working her craft brought an almost hungry smile to his lips before the shards of ice slammed into his plate mail, the chill making the metal stiff and unweildy as he began to move towards her. She looked almost surprised he was still moving forward as she began casting spell after spell, Sol's eyes and hands glowing a brilliant white as he summoned the Light to heal the damage she was causing his form.

The Lich King, he could see the Death Knight slaughtering his people, his anger and hate growing as he in turned destroyed the shambling dead that threatened the Third wall. His battle cries echoing in the lips of those around him, the remaining members of the Blood Guard and others that he had dragged onto the ground to fight the masses of dead back. He knew that this could be the end, no power they had could stop the armour clad figure as it walked almost calmly with it blade swinging back and forth like a scythe against wheat. Falling back to the wall he ordered his troops to defend the people above all else and began to charge forward, he would stall this creature, slow him down..anything to give them a little more time to find a proper way to kill it, remove it...anything to save his kin. The last thing he heard was a loud explosion followed by blackness.

With a sad look in his eyes he ran his finger over the trembling girls cheek. Her scream echoed over the forest area as he drained the very magic out of her soul, the lifeless body dropping like a stone to the ground with a thump. Cleaning his blade he walked back to the caravan calm and silent getting back onto the undead steed before motioning to the rest to move on to their destination.

He sat up with a start and looked about, his whole body aching and sore. The healer near by glanced at him with a sad smile before tending to those worse off than him. He had lived and so had his people but part of him knew he had failed, he had fallen and not done all he could yet maybe that was ok, they had survived with losses but still they could regroup and strike back. Lying back onto the bed he looked at the ceiling the cracks in the stone work only served to remind him he had much to do and he still had those around him to protect and serve, to keep safe.
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PostSubject: Re: The RP-Story contest   Fri Jul 20, 2007 1:43 pm

This is my character's early life experiences.

It all began one night, and that night...it all changed...

I was about around 5 years old then, I was a happy Draenei, until one day, my Mom picked me up by the shoulders, and whispered into my ear, "Come on dear, we're going to the Exodar!" I was thrilled, you see every time my Mom and I go to the Exodar she always buys me a piece of candy.
So I sat in my Mom's lap as she rode the Elk to the Exodar. Then I realised this wasn't the way to the Exodar, but some weird place I've never been before. I said to my Mom "Mommy, are you sure we're going the right way?".
Tears began to fill my Mom's eyes as she says, "I'm sorry dear, this is what's best for you".
And all of a sudden the Elk stops aburdtly and she hops off with me in her lap and drops me onto the ground and hops back on the Elk and rides off.
This wasn't the Exodar.
I was on the steps of a huge building. It was big and musty and black, and all around the roof were big swirly black clouds that echoed with thunder and flashed with lightning.
I got up with all my strength and tried to forget that my own Mother had abandoded me, but as I looked around I saw many little Draenei's like me there, all crying and yearning for their parents. This was obviously some sort of place where Mother's drop their unwanted kids and then their kids get eaten by Trolls.
But I then was not afraid, I was about to face the Trolls, so I got up, and walked the steps up the this Troll slaughter-house. My footsteps echoed all the way up.
Tap, tap, tap...
As I got to the door my hands were already shaking, I opened the gigantic double doors and stepped inside to meet my fate...A hungery Troll.
But I did not meet a hungery Troll.
Instead I saw a big blue Draenei lady, and I thought " She's obviously the cook for all the Trolls, yes that's whom she is".
And she picked me up and cried me off to what I thought was the kitchen.
And then she dropped me into a chair behind a desk. And there were many other young Draenei's their too.
I lived there for 5 years, and I'm still waiting to be eaten by the Trolls, obviously they're fattening me up...
And every day for these 5 years I have had to do extreme labour, and have to live with the fear of when I was going to be eaten...

As the years went by I learnt the name of this place.
They called it...

Shaman School.
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PostSubject: Re: The RP-Story contest   Sat Jul 21, 2007 12:11 pm

Die Hard 5.1

Mariuz slowly walked towards the docks and watched his men stand at attention. Each man was dressed in the colours of his mercenaries guild. All carried guns and a pair of swords. His eyes drifted up and down each man from tip to toe. As captain he demanded an iron discipline of his men. With a roar he gave the command and all turned as their boots started to drum all in one rythme as they walked up the gangplanck onto the ship. He heard the rhustling of robes and Mariuz saw his employer. The man was rather fat and dressed in the outfit of the typical merchant. With a click of his fatty ring-filled fingers he beckoned the captain over. Mariuz hid his desdain and stood in front of the merchant, ignoring the mist of perfume coming from the man. "Sir Captain, I must insist that this shipment must arrive at Theramore Island'' he said as he dapped his head with a silken handkerchief '' if not it is your neck on the line as is mine" Mariuz didn't say a word, he just nodded and walked back on board. His voice roared again as the anchor was hoisted and the ship started to sail of from Menethil Harbor.

The water gently slapped against the side of the ship, the waves were calm, as Mariuz stood up from his bunk. He looked outside the window of his cabin and saw that the sun was slowly starting to rise. He looked in surpirse as nobody rang three bells yet. He grabbed his swords and moved out of the cabin, with swift paces as he felt some anger run through his veigns. He looked around and was surprised as another ship slowly was gaining up on them on port side. He looked up towards the crow's nest and saw the outlook post hanging from the nest, his neck broken with a whip, still attached to his neck. The ship started to catch up as Mariuz his swords slipped from their sheats. ''All hands on deck!!" He shouted. His men rushed on deck, weapons drawn. They saw their enemies as they tossed the anchored ropes and swung from their ship onto the other one.there was a mix of horde and alliance. Several orcs, trolls, humans and dwarves made out the pirate crew. Several of his men fell, as rifles started blasting away. Mariuz murmured treazon and saw their leader. He was a large troll, silver rings adorned his tusks. Slowly he unsheated each of his axes and lunged towards Mariuz. He quickly blocked the oncoming lext axe with his right sword before arching his right sword up and down towards the trolls left shoulder. The leader quickly jumped backwards, as Mariuz his sword nicked the flesh of his enemy. Both men cirkeld around each other as there eyes locked into eachother. Soft drops of blood trickeld down across the trolls chest. Out of the blue, the troll sliced his left axe downwards, as he jumped forwards while his right axe arched towards Mariuz left shoulder. Mariuz stepped backwards with his right leg, as the axe scrapes over the front of his upper tigh, His left blade sliced upwards blocking the right axe before it could cleave into the bone. Seeing the trolls left side of his body open for a clean blow, Mariuz swinged his right sword for a devasting blow to the trolls right upper arm to chop it of. The troll grinned knewing Mariuz would go for that side having tricked the human as suddenly rifle blasted out of the blue and Mariuz stumbeld backwards, blood dripping from the temple of his head as he fell over the side of the ship.

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PostSubject: Re: The RP-Story contest   Sat Jul 21, 2007 12:11 pm

The troll roared in anger towards the rifleman, who shot Mariuz and saw as his crew slaughtered almost every man exept for one. the man had one large pendant hanging around his neck. One of the human pirates talked to the man and handed him over a large pouch of golden coins. the man smirked and climbed up the mast towards the crows nest. He climbed up and pulled the hanged man upwards. He freed his whip and with one push dumped the body from the mast, latting it fall into the cold ocean with the rest of the dead crew. The anchor of the ship was lowered down into the ocean, as the ship got inspected and readied for sailing of. The troll slowly walked towards the side and ordered a small boat to be hoisted up. He knew these were sometimes used to pull the ship, when it was windstill. But this time he had a completly other plan with one of these. He ordered the crew to lower the boat into the water, as he inspected his wound. Taking out his pouch, he removed some bandages and bound the wound tight and snug. seeing it was not as deep as he expected, before walking towards the man with the gold. the man smiled to him as all of a sudden the troll punched him in the face. With a grunt he stepped back and looked surprised. The troll clasped the troath of the man and with one powerful push shoved him from the deck down into the ocean. The entire crew billowed with laughter as the man made a huge splace and screamed in a high - pitched voice. the troll grunted and took a satchel of food and water, before tossing it into the boat and merely pointed out towards the ocean. the man slapped his fists into the water and with a roar, he quickly dumped the pouch of gold into the boat. He climbed on top and grabbed the oars before rowing of into the distance.

A sharp sting ran triugh the head of Mariuz as the salt in the water tortured his wounds. Mariuz felt that his lungs started to burst, he grasped a flask and gulped it down, swallowing some of the salty ocean water. The potion started to work as his breathing cleared. He looked up and saw that the ship was still casting a shadow on the clear water. With large, powerful strokes of his arms, he started to swimp upwards towards the ship. An idea came into his head and he started swimming under water towards the front of the ship. His eyes narrowed as the bodies of his crew started sinking into the black depths. Feeling the rage started to fill his veigns, he tempered his mind and movements, as he swam towards the anchor. He grabbed hold of the anchor, sitting on one of the teeth, he felt the anchor starting to budge. The potion started to fade away as the anchor was raised out of the ocean. He closed his eyes and prayed to the gods that he would not be discovered. He heard stumbling on the deck as suddenly heard bright chanting in loud clear voices. The sails billowed as they caught the wind and started making pace in front of the pirate ship. Mariuz kept hidden, feeling the warm sun on his back. Staying seated on the anchor, he started checking his wounds, finding nothing else but skindeep wounds. He started preserving his strength, curious where the ship sails to. Hunger started to gnaw his stomac as he scraped his troath. finally night started to fall as they neared a small island. He decided to make his move and lifted his body upwards and grabbed the edge of the ship, hoisting himself on the ship., seeing no guard at the moment, he quickly moved into the shadows, and snuck towards the stairs downwards, that lead to the cargo area. Suddenly he stared into the eyes of a human. The man wrapped his arm around Mariuz his shoulder and offered him a drink, not recognising the captain. The man fell drunk on a sac of oaths. Mariuz ignored him and moved deeper into the cargo bay area. He stopped and grabbed something to eat and to drink. He searched for a comfy spot and lowered himself behind the bags of grain, knowing what would come tomorrow.

Mariuz woke up and felt refreshed. His wounds barely bothered him as he walked towards the stairs that led to the upper deck. The ship was moored and the anchors were lowered as he saw one of the guards look out over the side. Mariuz snuck towards him and grabbed him by the troath, swinging his large forearm around the mans neck. He felt him struggle abit as the air slowly escaped from him. The man fainted and Mariuz let go, watching the sailor lie unconscious on deck. He unsheated the knife from the mans belt. He moved towards his cabin, holding the handle of the blade between two fingers, ready to throw it. He opened the door to his cabin and quickly dove inside. He saw no man inside and moved to his armory. He took the key from his pocket and opened the small cabinet door. He grinned as they didn't touch his weapons. He removed the two short swords and placed them in an x on his back. He walked out of the cabin and walked towards the front of the ship He saw that the pirates had huts not far from the beach. Both ships laid side to side, knowing the captain would be planning to make qn inventory out of the load in the belly of his ship, Mariuz just grunted and walked towards the ladder that hung from the ship. When he looked down he saw a dwarf sitting in a small boat, checking his tools. He was probably inspecting the ship for any damage. Mariuz started to climb down and has he was only a few feet away he jumped into the small boat, keeping his weight balanced over boat feet, the boat started to sway as the dwarf looked up in surprise, Mariuz quickly unsheated his right short sword and brought the cold steel towards the mans neck. He hissed; "bring me to your Captain"
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PostSubject: Re: The RP-Story contest   Sat Jul 21, 2007 12:11 pm

The man in the boat muttered as he counted his gold. He nodded satisfied that it wass all there and hid it under his shirt. He looked up and swore twice as he saw a ship in the distance. He decided to take a risk, threw the water and food over the side and grabbed the oars, starting to row like mad towards the ship. He couldn't believe his luck as he saw the colours of the royal navy. He roze up from his seat and grabbed an oar waving it in the air as the man in the crows nest spotted him and yelled his find towards the men down to the ship. They lowered two smaller boats theirselves and rowed towards the man. He stood still and put the oar down, raising his hands in the air and turning around to show he was unarmed. One man kept a rifle pointed at him as the others attached a rope to his boat. They started to pull him towards the ship and helped him onto the ship, under constant rifle point as the captain of the ship moved forwards towards the man. He started to bark questions towards the man as suddenly he closed his eyes and fell forwards, hiding a sneaky grin as he laid on the floor, pretending to be unconscious. The captain ordered his men to carry him to a bunk in the sickward. The healer of the ship came closer to examine him as he jumped up and yelled: "NNNOOOO , STAY AWAY, PIRATES" The healer backed of as other men rushed toward his side. He calmed down and merely said: "sorry, I just have not eaten or drunk since a day or two" The healer nodded and looked towards the mans noze, inspecting it toroughly and with a small grasp, he cracked the broken noze back into place. The man grunted out in pain as the healer just nodded:"you will be fine."

The captain moved down towards the sick ward, as one of the crew brought the man some food and drink. He started guzzling it down, pretending to be starving. He drank some of the water and whiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve. The captain asked:"Will you tell your story now, stranger?" The man nodded and started to speak: " I was travelling on my fathers ship to go of and trade at Theramore Island. All of a sudden we were attacked by pirates, good sir. They just dove out of the night and took us by surprise. Our foolish captain didn't had a guard out at night and they overtook our ship. To my great shame, I surrendered immediately. I am not a fighter, but a merchant, you see?" Te captain simply nodded and patted the man's shoulder gently in understanding. "They punched me out" he said in an almost sobbing voice "and when I woke up they just put me on this small boat, leaving me to die from hunger and thirst. I would surely have died if you were not there." The captain nodded and then spoke: "I see, we are chasing those pirates as well. Do you know where exactly did they sail to?" The man just shook his head no "No captain, I do not know, please take me home, I am sure my father will reward you if you took me home safely, back to Menethil harbour" The captain his eyes lit up as he heard the word gold. "Allright, I will take you home" He grinned as he heard about the reward and ordered to set sail for Menethil harbour.

The dwarf grabbed the edges of the boat as it rocked on the water. He swallowed once but not twice as the cold steel kissed his flesh. "W-w-w-what do you want from me?" He asked. Mariuz said in a calm tone of voice:" start rowing to shore, dwarf and better make haste if you wish to see a tomorrow. The dwarf nodded and started to row as fast as he could, seeing Mariuz ket the tip of the sword real close to his neck, leaving just enough room to make the rowing motions. As they neared the island, he heard a horn sound as men started to gather at the beach. The large troll walked from his onto the beach and saw his men go for their rifles. Hee yelled the order to keep the rifles at the ready, but to wait for the order. The troll stepped onto the sand of the beach and moved towards the edge of the water. He saw the man move the tip of his sword to point at him. He understood what Mariuz was after and lowered his hands to order his men to lower their rifles. Mariuz saw this and sheated his sword, jumping out of the boat as the pirates started to mumble and to mutter. The troll walked forward and spoke common with a thick accent: "Well Human, it looks like you sought me and now you have found me. I accept your challenge, but I pick the weapons of choice." Mariuz nodded in all fairness as the troll lead the way to a cirkle, marked by rocks and stones. Both men stepped into the cirkle as the troll unsheaded one of his axes and tossed it towards Mariuz his feet. Mariuz picked the axe up in his right hand and saw that the trolls left hand got cuffed with a steel chain. One of the dwarves moved towards Mariuz and asked: "Left or right hand, lad?" Mariuz held out his left hand and felt the steel locked snug around his left wrist. He saw men take place around the cirkle, holding each a two-handed axe. Mariuz understood this set-up well and knew it would be unwise to move out of the cirkle.

The duel commenced as the chain got pulled tight. Mariuz compensated the tugs of the troll, as both took hold of the chain in their left fist. Suddenly the troll jumped forwards, arching his right axe towards Mariuz his left shoulder. He quickly sidestepped towards his left and raised his axe upwards to block it before it could reach his left shoulder. Mariuz raised his right knee towards the troll groin but felt it hit the innerside of the trolls right tigh as he blocked Mariuz attack with his right leg. The head of the troll snapped forwards and towards the left, trying to bust Mariuz his noze. Mariuz felt the graze as he rolled backwards. The troll jumped backwards and pulled the chain tight, roaring in laughter as he stopped Mariuz his roll. Mariuz looked back and saw his head just lay against the stones of the cirkle, grunting as the troll was playing with him. His eyes narrowed as he bent slightly trough his knees and both men started to cirkle around again, Mariuz tought of a plan. With a deep breath he waited as the troll moved straight towards him and lifted his axe upwards, Mariuz lunged forwards, letting go of the chain and moved his left hand upwards, grunting as he caught the handle just below the blade, feeling the pain run trough his hand and wrist. The troll looked in surprise as at the same time Mariuz his axe chopped straight into the trolls left side of his chest. He heard the cracking of his ribs, blood flowing into his lungs as one of the ribs punctured the soft tissue. The troll fell down in the sands, blood pouring from his lips as the pirate crew fell silent. The trolls eyes narrowed as the life started to escape his body. He moved a shaking hand towards his tusks and removed the rings. "F-f-f-follow the signs back to its origin" he gurgeld, before dieing in the sand. Mariuz looked at the ring and saw the sign of a jewelcrafter inside. the men lowered their axes and moved inside the cirkle. One of them freed him and saluted him. ''Captain": he said. All of the pirates saluted him one by one and called him captain. The others took the lifeless body of the troll and started to carry him away. Mariuz stepped forwards and placed both axes on his chest before giving the troll a final salute of respect.
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The man finally stepped on the dock at Menethil harbour and saluted the captain:"Thank you very much, good captain. Your gold shall be here in just a few days. I will send a rider with a message to him. The captain nodded and moved back to his ship. The man smirked and went towards the inn. He ordered a room for a few days and locked himself inside. There he started to carefully count the amount of gold he received. He had to hide it well during the trip back home. He set 4 gold aside for the captain. It was a small amount to sacrifice for his well-being. He waited for a few days and then went outside. the ship was still there, knowing the captain would wait for his reward. he moved on deck and went straight for the captains cabin. There he was seated behind a table as the traitor placed 4 golds on the table. the captain smirked and thanked the man for his discretion towards the crew. Both men walked outside as the captain ordered one of his men to give the crew an extra drink of rum tonight. They all cheered as they heard this news. He knew that this was the best way to keep troublesome questions out of the way from his crew. Both men said goodbye. The traitor went back inside the inn and gathered his gear to prepare his trip back to Stormwind.

The burial raft took flame and the body of the troll caught fire. the pirates fired 3 times each into the air as a final salute to their leader. One of the lieutenants stepped forwards and saluted Mariuz:" Captain, what would your orders be, sir?" Mariuz turned his head and merely told:" You and I will talk. I have some unanswered questions." The lieutenant nodded and followed the captain into his hut as both men took a seat. "Now tell me, who killed my look-out, who gave us away?'': Mariuz asked with curiosity. He listened careful and kept control of his temper as he heard how the ship and the cargo would change hands from the pirates to the orcs. He knew that dwarven weapons and gnoming engineering were a valuable treasure to the horde. He roze and looked out of the window as the men turned on his chair and kept talking:" One of your crew killed the look-out, but there is more.": the man said. Mariuz turned around and kept listening. "The merchant you were working for is the one who promised the traitor a pouch of gold at the end of the trip. Our former captain and him have a business deal worked out. that is how he got rich. they have been working together since they met years ago in Booty Bay.": The lieutenant said:"He is quite aware of which merchant ships out what merchandise. He struck a deal with the pirates to leave his cargo ships alone to get bigger contracts. Every month or so one of our crew met up with one of his guys to exhange plans and coin." Mariuz nodded and finally spoke:"You will go ahead with this deal, where are you supposed to meet up with the orcs?" The Lieutenant pointed to a spot on the map and Marius memorised the coordinates. "I will meet with the merchants man this time. It would be a shame to give up such a sweet deal, would it not?": Marius said with a bright smile across his lips.

the man clapped his hands in excitment as he heard the captain his words and nodded: "permission to tell the crew, sir?" Mariuz dismissed the man and heard the crew cheering and singing as word travelled around the camp like a wildfire. The captain checked his swords and removed a cloak with a hood and donned it around his shoulders. He moved aside and roared to prepare for the coast near the wetlands. The trip was quiet and without events. He stepped from the small boat onto the sands. He started to walk deeper landinwards, pulling the hood up to cover his the features of his hood. He counted each pace and saw a large tree with a lamp swinging slowly from side to side. He moved into the light and held up his hand, making the agreed sign. He heard a sound and turned around seeing a man move out of the dark. He held up his hand in a similar way. Mariuz smiled as the man came closer. Suddenly his eyes turned into stone as his hands moved across sideways towards the handle of his swords, sheated at his sides. As both his arms were crossed before his chest , he drew the swords and reversed the motion to bring his swords out of the sheat and upwards towards the man's neck to lob his head from his body. Mariuz left the body to the crocolisks of the wetlands and headed towards Menethil harbour. He had no mercy with scum like that. He walked towards a small cottage just outside the harbour and knocked on the door, removing his hood. The door opened slowly as he saw a woman holding a rather large frying pan. With hard swing the pan banged against his head. Mariuz grabbed his head and staggered abit as he spoke: " Oye love, it is me, your husband" The woman raised the large pan again as she yelled:" I know, how dare you die on me?" She dropped the pan and hugged him tight. feeling him hug her back and lifting her feet from the ground.

He set her down on her feet again and spoke: "" I need your help, love and I need it fast" He explained what had happened to him briefly. she listened attentively and nodded as she took hold of a scroll. "You are in luck": she said "The royal navy is still moored at the docks. They would be leaving in a few days after getting some new supplies." She rose and got dressed as both moved out of the house and into Menethil harbour, placing her goggles over her eyes. She prepared a gryphon and kissed him goodbye on the lips before looking to him as he flew to Stormwind. The tricky part for her was now how to warn the captain about the pirate ship as she smiled and checked her fishing gear. It couldn't be helped if she saw the pirate ship at dawn, while she was fishing. She prepared to leave early and made sure she had some flash powder with her in case she had to escape the pirates. She was not much of a fighter, but she was pretty sly. Mariuz saw the large towers of Stormwind appear from far as the sun started to raise on the horizon. He landed safely and left the trained gryphon near the nest. The flight master would be surprised to find an extra grypgon this early. Normall the flightpaths were closed during night. Marius moved into the trade district and started to make his way towards the older part of Stormwind. He waited patiently untill the evening started to fall again, keeping out of sight.

As night started to fall, he moved and waited patiently. He leaned agaiinst a wall and looked towards the entrance of the inn. The entrance was lit up by a small lamp hanging outside. He saw people coming and going as the bells rang midnight. He looked up and saw the traitor with his arms wrapped around two women. He staggered half drunk as Mariuz followed him into the narrow allies of the old town. He knew where he was going and started to run, making a small detour to cut the man of in his path. As they saw him, the two women swallowed and ran quickly. The traitor looked up as Mariuz removed his hood. In the dim light the traitor recognied the features of the captain. his hand shook, not from alcohol but from fear as he grabbed the whip and uncoiled it in front of him. Mariuz stomped his left foot forward and pinned the top of the whip under his foot. The half drunken man staggered on his feet and fell to his knees. He pressed his hands together and whispered: "Pity, please captain, have mercy on me." "Like you had pity for my crew?": he asked and with one swift strike of his sword he cut the traitor's troath before he could even answer. As blood began to pour from the mans wound, he roze from his knees and staggered back. With a second swift blow he cut the man's troath as golden coins ringed and fell on the cobbles of the street. The traitor wobbeld abit and fell to the ground gasping for breath as his blodd mixed with the gold coins. Mariuz moved towards the trade district, not glancing once at the body behind him.

He sheated his sword and walked in the shadows towards the trade district. He paused occasionally so he would not be seen by any of the guards. Under the cloak of night he moved towards one house and started to climb upwards. The rich decorations made it easy to climb upwards. He lifted himself up into an open window and moved inside the room. He heard a loud snoring coming from the bed and walked forwards before grabbing the man and pulling him out of bed. The merchant awoke rude and before he knew Mariuz punched him in the face. He fell back on the floor and looked up. He tried to shout for the guards as Mariuz picked him up and hammered his right fist on his nose. The bone cracked as the merchant fell almost unconscious to the floor. ''That was for every ship you handed over to those pirates" He said as he drew his short swords. "And this is for my crew" He growled before jabbing each sword into the merchant's lungs. He slowly pulled the blades back and saw the merchant sink dead on the floor. Mariuz dropped the two rings on the floor and tossed a map on the bed. He knew he was giving the pirates a better fighing chance then his crew had. He looked back once and dissapeared into the night.
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The RP-Story contest
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