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 Requiem for a lost friend

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PostSubject: Requiem for a lost friend   Requiem for a lost friend Icon_minitimeMon Jun 18, 2007 7:17 am

(I wrote this when a close friend decided to stop wow. I begged him not to delete his chars, but he wouldn't listen to me. He will be dearly missed by a lot of people.
Note: this is an rp story. There is no connection between the persons behind the chars. I was not in a relationship with this person, but he was a close friend with who I loved to do some quality rp)

The sun slowly sinks behind the horizon. The sky is painted red and orange. Much like the scarlet tabard I hold in my hands.
I sigh, staring blankly into the empty space before me. Sushi is lying behind me. Cosily cuddled up against my back. Unaware of the emotions that tear me apart from the inside.

I have travelled long to get here. The journey from Booty Bay to Rachet was harsh. But I had to come here. Away from all I know. Away from those that were left behind. The fire I made is starting to build up nicely. I poke a bit in the flames and put some more dried grass on top of if.

The top of the world. I know it’s not. But sitting here, perched on top of that hill in the Barrens. Yes, this just might be the top of the world after all. Lonely and deserted. Just like me. I stare down at the bottom of the hill. Nice oasis. The Kolkar walk around tamely, tired of another day in the blistering sun. I don’t know if they noticed me yet. Perhaps they choose to ignore me. Like the rest of the Titans creation.
Maybe, maybe this was the place where he spend his last nights. Together with that… with that…
Oh by the Gods, I don’t want to know.

The first time I saw him, he almost ran me over in the trade district. He was stopped because he thought I was a Dark Ranger. Me? I was amazed. I pulled back the black hood to show him I truly was a night elf, not some wretched dark ranger. He smiled at me. He had a smile that could melt down the eternal snow of Winterspring.
I followed him into the Tirisfal glades. We had a mission. Kill the leaders of the Scarlet Crusade. They were out of control.
But the fun we had. The further we came to Mograine, the more he started to look like a scarlet himself. Even Mari was confused. We had to make sure we wouldn’t shoot him in the heat of the battle.
I fell for him more than he would ever know. I had just recovered from my lost love, and my heart was open again. I felt a deep affection for him. But… I didn’t want to show.

One day I came out of the auction house. I was pretty pleased with myself since I made some nice profit selling a shard. Than I saw them. He was standing in the middle of the square. Maybe even in the same place I he was when I first saw him. And there she was. She was beautiful I must admit. But… a draneai? I don’t think they noticed me. I pulled the hood deeper over my eyes and made my way into the inn. I could stay there until they left again.

My heart was torn to pieces. I made a promise I would never come between them. If he found his love. I should not break that bond. But it was so hard. Seeing him, sensing him so close.
We would still fight together. When we were in trouble he was the first to engage. Oh, how I longed to tell him. But I couldn’t. I stayed mute.

Somehow I gathered myself from the floor again. I’m a night elf. I can bounce back. My feeling never faded, but I became good at hiding them.

And than that dreadful day came. He told me he would leave us. He was tired and wanted to pass to the other side. I was shocked. Why? How? Was he really planning on leaving us?

I begged and pleaded him not to go. Why? I… I didn’t want him to leave. What made him do this. I called everybody together. But he was headstrong. Determined to leave.
I was torn to pieces when he told me. Should I tell him about my feelings. Should I convince him to stay? The doubt the agony.

Before my eyes he faded. Faded away… out of my life…

And now I sit here… alone again… all the friends I made since velinde’s passing cannot make up for this new loss I have to bare.

I stare at the scarlet tabard in my hand. I found it today in the scarlet monastery. I was very happy when I found it hidden in a closet. I just feel foolish now. Rejected and abandoned. Tears fill up my eyes and the crest on the tabard becomes blurry.
Why? I raise my nose into the air. Why couldn’t I make him stay? Am I not worthy…
I throw the tabard into the fire and slowly see the flames consume it.

Oh the dread. I can still feel his presence. He is still around here. Ever so faintly I feel he’s here. And o how I dread and fear the moment he will be completely gone. Gone, no more. I hold on to that slight string of hope. He will come back. He has to. But ever so slowly I feel him fading away…
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Drília / Marizka

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PostSubject: Re: Requiem for a lost friend   Requiem for a lost friend Icon_minitimeMon Jun 18, 2007 7:49 am

There you are

Another Night Elf comes op the hill

You are hard to find when you hide in the deepest places of the world. Why do you burn that?

Marizka takes the Scarlet Tabard out of the flames, they lick around her hands, and she gets some burns.

If it was not for Eladore I would never have found you

She sits down at Syrahs side, Eladore lies down right before them

I know one that can make this good again. To burn it just because it reminds you about him is wrong. Even if you want to, you can't just put it in the past. He had a special place in your heart, just as in mine.

A smile and a tear fall down

I remember the first time you let me meet him *she looks at the sky* Nigh fall is coming. Another move against the Scarlets the two of you were planning, I was just lucky that I could come too. It was the same day he got that tabard, the same tabard that you try to burn now. you might hate me for telling you this, but the day after, before you woke up, him and me make a move agenst the scarlets again, I almost hit him with a Arcane Arrow that day, he did look like a scarlet *A little smile finds its way to her lips*.
But today...Today he looked more sure then I have ever seen him before, he knew what he was leaving behind, but he also knew what he was going into, just remember one thing, he will always be in your heart, and some day we will see him again.

She puts the tabard in her bags

I will ask my friend to make this as good as new, and then we will place it in our hall where all can see it

She looks again to the sky

you were a real hero, and I can't wait for that day that we all shall meet again...

After that she bursts out crying
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Requiem for a lost friend
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