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 Using of channels

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PostSubject: Using of channels   Using of channels Icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2007 2:06 pm

How you choose to use the chat channels outside the guild is up to you

within the guild we will be using 2 chat channels however.

The first channel will be the guild or the /g channel.
This channel is strictly IC which means you will have to stay in character at all time.
To avoid the silly idea of having a walkie talkie hidden in your heartstone we will be following the next scenario:
You are in the guildhall with all the other guild members just relaxing, having a drink and talking about your adventures.
This will probably evolve as we go.

The second channel will be the officer chat or the /o channel.
Most guilds reserve this channel for higher ranking members. We have opted to open up this channel for the whole guild to use. Experience has proven that channels outside the guild tend to get deserted after a while and we would like to keep the /g as much IC as possible.
The /o channel will be used for OOC talk.
This consists of real day events, lore discussions, game mechanics, dungeons, raid, eyc...

When you're not sure which channel to use just try to think about what your character knows or what he would say and than decide on the channel.

A little hint to keep the channels apart

/g = Guildhall
/o = OOC

one more hint, you can change the colors of the different channels...

Blessed be

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Using of channels
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